Budget Auto Rental Cars

Everyone loves discounts and money-saving deals, but if you’re looking for budget auto rental cars, don’t let marketing tactics fool you into thinking you got the best deal. Sometimes, even when rental companies claim to have discounted prices or offer extremely low rates, these may have a catch. Here are some information to help you decide if advertised budget auto rental cars can truly save you some cash.

Extra Fees that Add Up

An unbelievably low price may not be worth it when every extra fee has been added up. Before completing your reservation, ask all about:

  • Gas Tank – Avoid prepaying for gasoline. Instead, ask the company to take note of the gas level before you leave. Most companies have extremely high per-gallon rates when renters top-off gas tank after their return, so always fill the tank before returning the vehicle.
  • Vehicle License Fees– Used by rental companies to recover from costs involved with licensing, titling and registering the vehicles for rent.
  • Taxes – Clarify if VAT is included with the daily or weekly rental rate. Since these taxes vary from one state, country and rental companies to the next, make sure you know the percentage tax to be added upon checkout.
  • Insurance – Aside from coverage that can help you in repairing damaged vehicles or stolen cars, additional waivers and insurance coverage may not be important. In most situations, renters already have auto insurance policies or credit card agreements with auto insurance coverage.
  • Under 25 Surcharge – Companies who offer budget auto rental cars maykeep their word about rates, but any renter who is 25 years old and below may still be subject to age-based surcharge fees.
  • Additional Driver – Another extra fee imposed by rental companies is added when the renter will not be the only one driving the vehicle. Each additional driver receives a corresponding fee, usually from $5 to $15 per day.

How to Make the Best of Budget Auto Rental Cars

Some extra fees are avoidable. To take advantage of budget auto rental cars, always keep a few things in mind. For instance, the car type you choose would affect the price of a car rental. Generally, smaller cars are cheaper than SUVs and other larger vehicles. Another thing to ask a car rental company is their mileage rates. Some provide unlimited mileage, which is a great deal if you’re planning to drive over 100 kilometers or across state lines, but other companies have a maximum mileage included in the deal and charge extra when you go beyond it.

Airport-based rentals often have an airport surcharge or additional taxes, so as much as possible, avoid booking vehicles from the airport. Check with your hotel or look for a rental company located near the airport. When traveling with kids, bring your own car seat to save up to $15 per day. Lastly, always return the vehicle on time to avoid penalties and fees associated with dropping it off late.

Shopping Around Can Help

A bit of research can save you money and trouble when looking for budget auto rental cars. Make use of travel websites such as hotwire.com, priceline.com, Travelocity.com or expedia.com to learn about what’s available in the city you’ll be visiting. Booking vehicles online can also be a money-saver, especially if you hunt for discount codes, coupon codes and other promotional offers.





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