Auto Rental Car Company Reviews

If you’re a frequent traveler, it’s about time you look for that one car rental company that has everything you need. Auto rental car company reviews shared by renters online and listed onwebsites that rate these companies can help you make the right decision. However, if you’re finding it difficult to weigh thepros and cons of rental companies, you must first identify your needs.

Things to Look for in an Auto Rental Car Company

  • Fleet of Vehicles for Rent –Having more options of vehicles for rent is always good, even if you’re an ‘economy car’ kind of guy. Imagine having no other option than to rent out the most expensive vehicle around, just because the company has a small fleet of vehicles available. In addition, if you prefer to go green, it is best that you go with companies that offer several eco-friendly vehicles, or options to donate a dollar for carbon offset.
  • Loyalty programs –Everyone loves being treated like a VIP. If you stick with one car rental company, make sure its loyalty program has much to offer. Some company allow their loyal renters to bypass the counter, choose a preferred vehicle on the lot, receive free rental day for weekly renters, participate in point systems, benefit from faster reservation, and get to know about promos and discounts before the general public.
  • Gadgets and tech availability –Need a GPS navigation system with your car? How about a Sirius Satellite radio? Know that smaller companies still do not have upgrade options, so ask before booking if the vehicle you’re planning to rent out can be customized to your liking.
  • Cost and Promos – No amount of freebies and number of vehicles available are enough if the total cost of rentals is extremely high. Auto rental car company reviews from users often talk about pricing, so there’s plenty of information to read up on total costs. In addition, consider added fees and promos given when weighing price-related factors.
  • Booking process –If you need car rentals regularly, going through a hassle-free booking process can be a time saver. Many people include booking complaints with their auto rental car company reviews, so take these into consideration when doing research about a company.

Spot the Warning Signs on Auto Rental Car Company Reviews

Car rental companies with a good online presence may mean two things – they spend money to market their rental services online, or real people actually leave these auto rental car company reviews. The same goes with negative reviews – some companies with shady marketing techniques may be spreading bad reviews about their competitors. However, when you learn to spot real reviews and read about people who had bad experiences enough to make them complain about it online, then you should at least heed the warning signs.

Other warning signs may include hidden fees, bad customer service, long booking process, high insurance costs, rundown vehicles rented out, and no online reviews, among others.

Excellent Customer Service Goes a Long Way

Many people become fans of a car rental company due to pleasant experiences in the past. When you read auto rental car company reviews that praise the company for service, look the company up. Learn about its roadside assistance, emergency hotline numbers, and options for a pick-up or return service. Think about it, wouldn’t you pay a bit more if your rental vehicle breaks down and the company assists youimmediately even if it’s 2a.m.? Customer service should be a huge factor when deciding your go-to car rental company.





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