Auto Rental Car Age Limits

Not everyone knows this, but renting cars can be tricky if the renter is either too young or too old.If you’re either under 25 or over 70, you’re planning to rent a car soon, and you have no clue about auto rental car age limits here and abroad, spare yourself the disappointment. Learn if you are qualified to rent a vehicle or not.

U.S Age Limits and Age-Based Fees

Hertz, Alamo, Budget, Avis, Payless, National and other popular agencies here in the U.S. do not have an age cutoff for senior renters, but smaller agencies and individual franchise owners may impose their own maximum age limits.

For renters below 25 years old, renting a vehicle can be a problem since even popular agencies have a non-negotiable age requirement of 25. If they do allow you to rent, even if you’re 18 to 24, you will have to pay a younger driver surcharge. The minimum and maximum auto rental car age limits, as well as the surcharge fee varies between companies and states. For instance, Enterprise and Thrifty follow the 21-year-old minimum age limit, but the former charges cheaper surcharge of $10/day to renters under 25, than Thrifty’s $43/day surcharge.

Michigan and New York have a state law that can benefit young drivers – Rental companies must allow anyone 18 or older to rent their vehicles. For example, the minimum auto rental car age limits for Hertz renters are 21 in most states, but Michigan and New York branches allow 18-year-olds to rent cars – with an extra $25 to $45 a day for everyone under 25 in all states.

Age-based fees and auto rental car age limits can be waived if the vehicle is rented through a business account, but the younger driver can only use the car for business purposes. Government employees and military personnel who are on-duty can also rent out a vehicle, even if they are just 18 years old.

Auto Rental Car Age Limits in Other Countries

Traveling abroad is a different story. Some U.S. rental agencies impose lower auto rental car age limits in other countries. Here are several countries with their corresponding minimum age limit and cutoffs:

  • Australia – Maximum age limit of 75
  • Austria – The youngest renter allowed should be 19, but there is no maximum age limit.
  • Germany – Minimum age limit is set at 21 with under-25 surcharge fees.
  • Guam – 18-year-olds can rent a car without the need to pay a fee. There’s also no maximum age limit.
  • Ireland – Although the minimum rental age is set at 24, renters between ages 24 to 26 are subjected to fees and may face restrictions on the type of vehicle they could rent. Maximum rental age cut off is 79.
  • Israel – The minimum is 24 without rental fees. Maximum age limit is at 75 years old.
  • Italy – The minimum age for rentals is 19, but those aged 21 to 24 still have restrictions on booking certain vehicle types.
  • Romania – Maximum age limit of 70


These are just a few countries which provide minimum and maximum age limits. Different companies and countries may provide additional restrictions.

Different cars, Different age limits

Here and abroad, rental agencies may provide restrictions to specific vehicles or by car category. Some rental providers also follow an age cutoff requirement for certain specialty vehicles. As such, it is important to contact rental companies about their age policies, auto rental car age limits, under-25 surcharge fees and other restrictions before traveling to another state or country.





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