Auto Rental Car Guide

Don’t just swipe your credit card when renting a car. Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions included on your contract to avoid traps you may need to pay dearly. This auto rental car guide helps you understand what you need to do while booking a vehicle, before leaving with the car, while driving the rented vehicle and before bringing it back to the company. Read on to save money and have a pleasant experience with your chosen car rental company.

Booking in Advanced is Always Good

Like what many auto rental car guide experts has been telling you, make a reservation at least a week ahead of your trip. It works just like with airlines – the earlier you book a ticket, the better deals you receive. Not only can preparing ahead save you from all the hassles of last-minute shopping, you may also benefit from a price break. Most companies even offer discounts and freebies to renters who use their online reservation systems. Before reserving a vehicle, make sure to ask about the company’s cancellation policy to know how much advanced notice is required and if there is a corresponding cancellation fee.

Base fee, Extra Charges and Insurance Policy Auto Rental Car Guide

When you read auto rental car guide from websites of rental companies, you’ll discover a plethora of terms related to fees. While most companies offer similar base fees, the extra charges often differ extensively. Some fees include:

  • Base Fee – This fee depends largely on the type of vehicle you plan to rent out.
  • Gas – Many car rental companies increase their profits significantly by offering to fill up the gas tank at a reduced price. Although this may be true to a few companies, the reduced pricing is far from cheap with most rental companies. To avoid this, buy a full take of gas yourself before returning the rented car.
  • Upgrades – When you reserve economy vehicles but they end up unavailable when you arrive, don’t just say yes to any upgrade.  Insist to leave the lot with your chosen vehicle. Most major car rental companies offer the upgrade at no additional cost, particularly if you reserved the vehicle in advance.
  • Insurance – All types of insurance coverage offered by car rental companies are optional. Call your insurance company to learn if rented vehicles are included with your coverage.
  • Taxes – Before making a reservation, learn about local taxes, airport taxes, licensing fees, sales taxes, VAT and other types of taxes that may be charge with your rented vehicle. Since most of these taxes are unavoidable, the only good thing about knowing about them is you won’t be surprised when you see your credit card bill.

Follow the Contract’s Terms down to a Tee

The easiest way to avoid additional charges is to follow the contract strictly. Follow mileage restrictions, file an accident report if the vehicle is damaged due to an accident, and return the vehicle on time. If you spill over something gooey or with a powerful odor, make sure to clean it up before taking the vehicle back. When keeping an auto rental car guide in mind, think about what restricted activities are include in your car insurance. Towing a trailer, off-roading or using snow chains on the tires could get you in trouble.





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