Auto Rental Cars Faqs

What are the basic requirements when availing of the services of car rental companies?

Renters must comply with the minimum age requirements in the renting location. Of course, they must be holders of valid driver’s license and have favorable driving record. For non-US residents, they must possess an international driver’s license or a valid driver’s license issued in their country of origin.


  1. Do car rental agencies provide Roadside Emergency Assistance Program?
    Leading car rental companies offer roadside emergency assistance as an option in their service packages. This service feature provides for 24/7 assistance for various roadside emergencies. The cost for this added service may vary from one location to another. Thus, it is best that you get the details with the representative of the car rental company.

  2. Will it be possible for me to pick up the car in one location and leave it in another location?
    Yes. Most leading car rental agencies allow this arrangement and provide for specific drop off points for renters who require this kind of service. Renters can enjoy this option by paying an additional amount as drop-off charge or fee. There is no fixed rule or policy as far as this special arrangement is concerned. It is best that you discuss the details of such arrangement with your car rental agency when you make the reservation.

  3. Can I use a debit card when renting a car?
    Most leading car rental agencies accept debit cards bearing the Mastercard and Visa logo as long as the renter submits a roundtrip travel ticket. It is best that you check or verify this option by visiting the Website of the car rental agency or sending an inquiry through email or by phone.

  4. What is the Drop-off charge?
    Some car rental agencies charge drop-off fee when renters return the car to a location which is different from the place where the car was initially picked up. This additional charge or fee is normally waived by car rental agencies that offer one-way drop-offs in specific areas.

  5. Are child safety belts provided by car rental agencies?
    Leading car rental agencies provide child safety belts. However, you need to make the reservation in advance so that you are assured that one is made available to you when you pick up the car. Car rental agencies normally add $2 to $10 per day on the standard rate for the auto rental cars.

  6. Will I be able to avail of the services of car rental agencies if I have less than perfect driving record? Will the car rental company verify DUIs and other derogatory information?
    Most car rental companies don’t perform background check of potential clients. However, there are some agencies that run verify driving record when a client reserves a car at the counter and the reservation or booking of drivers with marginal record may be declined by the car rental company. Thus, if you have some issues with your driving record, it is imperative that you verify with the car rental company if your record will be verified at the counter.
  7. What is the minimum age requirement of car rental agencies?
    Leading car rental companies require renters to be at least 25 years of age. However, there are some exceptions to this standard policy of car rental service providers. Drivers who are under 25 years old, but are over 21 years old, can still avail of auto rental cars in specific locations. The only downside of this special accommodation is that renters who belong to this category will have to fork out additional fee on top of the standard rate.






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